A summary of SimCenter Workshop

Here is my take on what happened in SimCenter Bootcamp:

Day 1:

Peter (who is Peter?) showed how to use Unix, virtual machine, and Github to access files of the workshop and work with our own codes. In the afternoon, Frank (Okay, who is this one now?) gave us a short introduction to C programming.

Day 2:

Frank demonstrated some codes for parallelization of C codes using OpenMP and MPI. 

Day 3:

More on C programming; abstraction, clauses and a bit of structure and object-oriented programing in C++

Day 4:

Peter showed us how to make a clean app interface in QT. We tried to make a form to get a user’s name and address and then stored them in a structure.

Day 5:

Frank talked about SimCenter goals, how to access Design safe without the web-based applications through direct communication to AGAVE. we submitted a simple job to Stampede computational framework.

Peter explaining complicated stuff.
I and Frank (the guy who created Opensees)

Overall, it was a very good (yet fast-paced) crash course on C programming for natural hazard app development. It is quite funny that even though civil engineers excessively use software and apps, most folks (including yours truly) are quite hesitant to step foot into the “real” programming [ Nope, scripting in MATLAB is not real programming, Frank made sure that we know this]. Besides the intellectual merit of this workshop, it allows the same minded people to network. I met so many bright minds in the field, Hope to stay connected to all of them! 🙂


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