A summary of SimCenter Workshop

Here is my take on what happened in SimCenter Bootcamp: Day 1: Peter (who is Peter?) showed how to use Unix, virtual machine, and Github to access files of the workshop and work with our own codes. In the afternoon, Frank (Okay, who is this one now?) gave us a short introduction to C programming. Day 2: Frank demonstrated some codes for parallelization of C codes using OpenMP and MPI.  Day 3: More on C programming; abstraction, clauses and a bit of structure and object-oriented programing in C++ Day 4: Peter showed us how to make a clean app interface … Continue reading A summary of SimCenter Workshop

The SimCenter Workshop

The SimCenter Bootcamp on natural hazard modeling is being held on July 30-August 3  in UC Berkeley’s Richmond Field Station  (workshop information). So, here I’m at Berkeley, in this little beautiful house with a creek view waiting for tomorrow: And here is the creek, shadowed by bushes and trees: Stay tuned for more on the workshop, San Fransisco, and natural hazard modeling! Continue reading The SimCenter Workshop