What is StoStruct mission?

To Connect, Share and Inform.

In the last decade, our understanding of the complex physical system and natural hazards has grown substantially. Modern structural engineering connects new performative concepts in designing and assessing the built environment to ensure that the final product meets different stakeholders’ expectations. These structures need to withstand and function under a wide array of uncertain hazards, where the interaction of these hazards and building component shape their global performance.

StoStruct is a research group dedicated to improving the built environment resilience against natural hazard and evolving environmental conditions. If you are interested in joining us or to collaborate, please check this link.


  • 9/1/2022: Dr. Esteghamati presented his research on using machine learning to predict ground motion’s site term at the 4th Kenji Ishihara Colloquium Series on Earthquake Engineering at San Diego EERI chapter.
  • 3/24/2022: Dr. Esteghamati will join the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering as an Assistant Professor starting Fall 2022.