Journal Papers

J4. Zaker Esteghamati, M. , Farzampour, A.(2020). Probabilistic seismic performance and loss evaluation of a multi-story steel building equipped with butterfly-shaped fuses . Journal of Construction Steel Research [Link]

J3. Zaker Esteghamati, M. , Lee, j., Musetich, M., Flint M.M.(2020). INSSEPT: An open-source relational database of seismic performance estimation to aid with early design of buildings . Earthquake Spectra [Link] [PDF]

J2. Tarfan, S., Banazadeh, M., Zaker Esteghamati, M.,(2019). Probabilistic seismic assessment of non-ductile RC buildings retrofitted using pre-tensioned aramid fiber reinforced polymer belts .Composite structures, 208,865-878 [Link] [PDF]

J1. Zaker Esteghamati, M., Banazadeh, M., Huang , Q.,(2018). The effect of design drift limit on the seismic performance of RC dual high‐rise buildings, The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings,27(8), e1464 [Link] [PDF]

Conference Proceedings & Posters

C.1. Zaker Esteghamati, M., Huang , Q.,(2019).An efficient stratified sampling-based ground motion selection for cloud analysis, 13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP13), Seoul, South Korea [Link] [PDF]

C.2 Moodi, F., Ramezanianpour, A. A., Chenar, Q. B., & Zaker Esteghamati, M. (2015). Evaluation of Sulfate Damages in a Tunnel Concrete Segments. In Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting IV: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR-4), 5-7 October 2015, Leipzig, Germany (p. 251). CRC Press. [Link][PDF]

P.1. Zaker Esteghamati, M., Asiatco, P., Ton, D., Zhukova, N., Flint, M. M. (2019), A comparative life-cycle assessment of mid-rise office buildings considering the impact of early design decisions(2019). International Mechanical conference & Expo (IMECE), , Salt Lake city, Utah, USA [Poster]

Technical Reports

T.1. Zaker Esteghamati, M., Flint , M. M.,(2019). Inventory of Seismic Structural Evaluations, Performance Functions and Taxonomies for Buildings (INSSEPT) Manual , The Resilient and Sustainable buildings, 26 Pages [Link] [PDF]